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Mantra Meditation

Mantra MeditationA Mantra is a formula or a word with spiritual significance, which can help you relax very deeply. Mantra meditation is a very easy to learn and an effective relaxation technique. Just thinking a mantra helps you focus your attention on the inside and eventually reach a state of very deep rest. Regular practice of meditation reduces ones irritability and thus the feeling of being stressed. It also reduces the time of recovery after distressing situations.

During the first weeks of practicing mantra meditation some people tend to become more sensitive. This is one reason why after the introduction of mantra meditation, a few "checkings" should follow to ensure correct practice. This is why practicing mantra meditation needs special attention and control. In some cases you even might have to advise against continuing to meditate.

Meditation should be practiced in a calm and clean place without any distractions. The best times to meditate are the early morning before breakfast or the early evening before the evening meal.

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