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The Do`s and Don`ts of Meditation

Many people stop Meditating after a while because they do not start in the proper way. They choose the wrong course, read the wrong book, speak with the wrong people, sit uncomfortably or view it as an obligation.

One should not forget meditation is an ancient practice and has always proved beneficial to those who practiced it in a right way. Experience shows that if you practice meditation long enough, you are sure to see significant changes in your health and life.
Here is a list of precautions that one should keep in mind in order to reap maximum benefits out of meditation.

Don`ts of Meditating:
While meditating one should

  1. NEVER be obsessed with Meditation.

  2. NEVER be too eager to achieve enlightenment.

  3. NEVER meditate after having a heavy meal.

  4. NEVER get angry with yourself if you miss or skip your meditation routine.

  5. NEVER avoid sleep if it happens while meditating.

  6. NEVER meditate for a long duration if you are a beginner.

  7. NEVER play heavy metal and rock music during Meditation.

  8. NEVER think of getting quick results.

  9. NEVER sit in a painful and awkward posture.

  10. NEVER meditate while you are stoned or drunk.

  11. NEVER use a mantra that makes you nervous.

  12. NEVER be worried about the question whether you have a good Aura Day.

  13. NEVER be irritated by the noise made by the neighbours, your parrot or cars speeding past your window.

  14. NEVER wear uncomfortable clothes during your Meditation.

  15. NEVER block up or hide away thoughts and emotions that you do not like.

  16. NEVER meditate when you have just been diagnosed a schizophrenic.

  17. NEVER worry when once in a while things do not go so well.

  18. NEVER get frightened when you notice things like dizziness, twinkling, emotions or other reactions during your Meditation.

The Do`s of Meditating:

  1. In the beginning always experiment a lot to find out which postures and techniques are best for you.

  2. Always start with a course where you can learn to Meditate under skilled guidance.

  3. If you ever feel an ache or a slight irritation or you are in a bad mood do not take a Medicine right away, but first try always your favourite Meditation.

  4. Always wear comfortable clothes.

  5. Always create a fixed pattern in your Meditation exercises.

  6. Find out how you feel about Meditating early in the morning on an empty stomach in perfectly restful circumstances.

  7. Play a Meditation CD, which will make your Meditation even more pleasant.

  8. Evaluate your progress as little as possible.

  9. Change your Meditation technique once in a while.

  10. Sit up straight, whether or not with the support of a cushion or the back of a seat (if you really have to).

  11. Determine beforehand how long you are going to Meditate.

  12. Look at everything from the point of view of a beginner.

  13. Always go with the flow.

  14. Always start your Meditation with some stretching or one of our breathing "warming up" exercises.

  15. Always practise the Meditation philosophy of not judging, accepting and letting things go.

  16. Always consider it better to Meditate well and deeply than long and badly concentrated.

  17. Always view passing airplanes and the car of the neighbours as a challenge instead of a disturbance. | Home | Sitemap | Contact Us