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  • Basics of Meditation
    Meditation is the conscious growth of the mental abilities. Meditation includes various techniques that allow the develpment of the mind. It imparts happiness, peace, calmness, concentration, love, kindness, purity, well being and truthfulness.

    Benefits of Meditation
    Benefits of Meditation
    Meditation is the natural way of improving life. Our ancient sages practiced meditation to achieve a higher meaning in life.
  • Physical Benefits
  • Psychological Benefits

  • Understanding the Basic Concepts
  • The Self-The Soul
  • God
  • The HumanTree
  • Understanding the Cycle of Time
  • Rise and Fall of Human Souls

  • Mudras
    MudrasLearn the following hand mudras to heal your ailments in a natural way. 

    Types of Meditation
    Types of MeditationEvery culture and tradition has its own distinct and exclusive styles of practicing meditation.
  • Raja Yoga Meditation
  • ZenMeditation
  • Buddhist Meditation
  • Mantra Meditation
  • Chakra Meditation

  • Guide to Meditation
    Meditation requires a basic understanding that helps in practicing meditation in a better way. Read this guide to get started with the practice of Meditation and let your questions be answered such as How, Where, Why, What and When should one Meditate???.
  • Techniques of Meditation
  • Difficulties while Meditating

  • Meditation Posture
    Meditation PostureA Right Meditation Posture plays a very important role during meditation. It is extremely important in the practice of Meditation as it not only keeps you alert but also benefits the body in a number of ways.
  • Guidelines for a good posture
  • Choosing a meditation posture
  • What to sit on during meditation
  • What to do with the body during meditation
  • How to deal with physical pain
  • Common meditation posture mistakes

  • Do`s & Don`ts and FAQ`s
    We often make a lot of mistakes while meditating. Find out the do’s and don’ts to be followed during meditation. Also get answers to the numerous questions that frequently arise in your mind.

    Pranayam is the art of controlling the breath, which is the actual life force that keeps us alive.
  • Guidelines to Pranayama
  • Pranayama Techniques
  • Benefits of Pranayama

  • More...
    Meditation Accessories
    Meditation AccessoriesMeditation is a wonderful experience in itself, but the use of certain accessories enhances the whole experience.

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